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This training is designed so that you can workout without having to go to a gym and with minimal to no equipment.  If you are motivated and have the means a home gym is the best option.  If you have friends in the neighborhood you can all workout together.


Bring some young athletes together for a group workout session to help them get strength and conditioning for their sports and gain confidence.  

Workout with your kids.  Instill an appreciation for physical fitness in your children while being part of that experience in the comfort of your own home.

Single Adult (19+yo) - $65/hr OR $600/month ($50 per session)
Multiple Adults - $100/hr OR $1000 per month 
Single Young Adult (13-18yo) - $55/hr OR $500/m 
Multiple Young Adults (13-18yo) - $80/hr OR $800/m 
Mixed Age Group - $100/hr OR $1000/m
Groups larger than 3 people - +$25/person/hr OR +$250/m


Q: I have no equipment, what should I get?

A: You do not need equipment although I would suggest at least 1 moderately heavy kettle bell and a set of light to medium dumbbells

Q: I don't know where to find equipment

A: That's fine there is plenty of equipment around and I will help you find the best bang for you buck

Q: How many days a week are included in a month?

A: 3 days a week 

Q: Can we mix Adults and Young Adults in the group sessions?

A: Yes, in fact I encourage family workouts!!!

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